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First Taste: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill at The Summit


Last night our intern Katey and I ventured to try the new Lime Fresh Mexican Grill by Sak’s at The Summit as a part of a media event.

Nach'Yo'Momma's Nachos

Nach’Yo’Momma’s Nachos

Everyone loves Mexican food, but you can find it on seemingly every corner on the 280 corridor; The Summit even has Izzo’s Illegal Burrito and Chuy’s slready. So we went in asking what would make us venture to the lower part of The Summit for a casual meal at a chain restaurant?

As their name says, the food is really fresh, fresh enough for me to set aside my bias toward local restaurants over chains to return, hopefully soon. Lime Fresh claims to use local ingredients where possible, and what we tasted was definitely a step up from your typical burrito chain, but at similar prices.

Skinny Burrito with a side of guacamole.

Katey tried their nachos, and I the Skinny Burrito with a side of guacamole. The chicken, cheese and beans toasted inside a grainy shell didn’t taste like the lighter route of Mexican though. And the super fresh guac was done right with  large chunks of avocado; they also have three specialty flavors of guacamole on their menu. Katey, a nacho fan and Mexican food enthusiast, gave her choice a thumbs up, too.

Selections from the salsa bar

No matter what you order, you get an all-access-pass to chips and their salsa bar; I had a hard time deciding which of the many kinds to try and all were tasty and, once again, fresh. It’s nice to have a choose-your-own topping for whichever of their salads, quesadillas, tacos, burritos and other menu items you choose.

Katey and I decided that we would definitely be back, especially after we saw their specials for cheap tacos and drinks, including their frozen sangria. They also get some points for creative marketing for this sign.


iJump 280

Children from a YMCA day camp take turns on the inflatable tree house at iJump 280. Photos by Madison Miller.


Walking into iJump 280 makes even adults remember the excitement of childhood. With kids jumping around on every inflatable that they could possibly imagine, it’s a child’s paradise. Best of all, it’s weather resistant.

The space is equipped with seven large inflatables, a rock climbing wall, two arcades, a go-cart track, five private party rooms and a café.

The play center, located behind Logan’s Roadhouse and FedEx Office in Inverness off Highway 280, offers an alternative to the pool for families looking for kids’ activities to beat the heat. Continue reading

Off the beaten path: Highway 280

Joyce Balch demonstrates the best technique for picking blueberries at her u-pick farm. She recommends hooking the bucket on your arm and running your fingers along a cluster of berries as the ripest ones drop into the bucket. Photo by Kathryn Acree.


For many of us, summertime brings out the urge to hop in the car and see something new. Whether you are a longtime resident or have just moved to our area, here are a couple of venues we recommend a visit to this month. All of these spots are family-friendly and found a short drive from Double Oak Mountain.

Balch’s U-Pick Blueberries
Grab your sunscreen and load up the car with the whole clan because blueberry picking is easy and inviting to everyone from toddlers to grandparents. Bob and Joyce Balch have four acres of blueberries in Sterrett that are overflowing with the little blue gems this summer. All of the varieties available are known as “rabbiteyes” but vary in size and “juiciness,” with names like “climax” and “premiere.” Continue reading

Full Moon Bar-b-que: Restaurant Showcase

Terry Taylor and Willie Bradford have worked in front of Full Moon’s wood burning barbecue pit since the location opened in 2001.

At Full Moon, barbecue and sports stars go hand in hand.

Charles Barkley comes by the 280 location regularly to eat ribs back in the kitchen. Gene Bartow was known to have eaten at the original location downtown at least twice a week. Local favorite Bart Starr is a fan.

Photos of football greats and other sports memorabilia line the walls of the restaurant.

“I know a majority of the people in here,” said David Maluff, who owns the restaurants with his brother, Joe. Continue reading

A stretch of green through Dunnavant Valley

Friends of Dunnavant Valley Greenway members Ward Tishler and Virginia Randolph walk along the trail they helped create behind Soccer Blast on Highway 280. Photo by Madoline Markham.


A scenic trail twists and turns 1.8 miles along Yellow Leaf Creek through Dunnavant Valley.

Part of the public trail is an old road built in the early 1900s and later replaced by the current County Road 41. Other segments wind along the curves of the flowing creek over rock gardens and bridges built by Eagle Scouts.

The Dunnavant Valley Greenway is about a 40-minute walk in one direction.
Native plants like the sycamore, yellow pine, mountain laurel, wild ginger, ferns, yellow woods violet and Japanese privet line the creek, which runs through the Narrows and eventually down to the Coosa River. The area is ripe for exploration, a family hike or a trail run.

The trail parallels County Road 41 from Highway 280 headed north toward Mt Laurel, but once you’re on it, it’s easy to forget that you’re anywhere near cars and anything but nature.

“We wanted to make it so people could enjoy the scenery around them,” said Ward Tishler, president of the citizens group The Friends of the Dunnavant Valley Greenway. “That was the driving force behind it.”

Continue reading

Business Spotlight: Rogers Trading Company

Rogers’ buyer Monica Sbrissa shows off the store’s women’s fashion for spring. Photo by Madoline Markham.

Rogers Trading Company has a storied past. It began as the Army/Navy store in the camouflaged building downtown, transformed into a hunting and fishing store and ten years ago moved out Highway 280 as an outdoors store. Today, located in their own building behind Logan’s Roadhouse, Roger’s is focused on not Army/Navy, not hard goods like tents, but lifestyle clothing featuring authentic outdoor brands—with strictly the people who live along Highway 280 in mind.

“We have learned who our customer is,” said owner Lee Rogoff, whose father started the business in 1945. “We want to emphasize that function plus fashion equals lifestyle.”

Continue reading

New light system to address 280 traffic


The timing of lights on Highway 280 will soon allow for traffic to flow with less congestion.

A new traffic signal system will use surveillance cameras to read traffic volume and monitor the traffic flow.

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is now completing plans for this Adaptive Control System with hopes to implement it this fall.

“ALDOT is still looking at an elevated highway plan, but that would be 10 years down the road,” said ALDOT Division Engineer Brian Davis. “We have to do something to get 280 more passable now, and we know this is the best thing to do for today and tomorrow and next month. I think this [Adaptive Control System] is the most innovative signal system there is.” Continue reading