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Remembering Heardmont Farm

The gates as they originally stood just off Cahaba Valley Road at the entrance to Heardmont Farm. Howard Perdue, Jr. built the gates and today they stand at the Park’s entrance near the playground. Photos courtesy of Nancy Perdue Boone.


Today Heardmont, or as it’s officially named, The Park at Heardmont Farm, welcomes kids playing in its ball fields or along its creek beds and football, soccer and cross country teams from around the state. But longtime residents may remember the park was once Heardmont Farm. Like many park and recreation venues, you might think

Howard Perdue, Jr. constructed this small home on Heardmont Farm that was later converted into a sheriff’s substation. Also pictured are corrals on the farm where he raised Polled Hereford cattle.

there is an ancient Mr. or Mrs. Heardmont somewhere in Alabama’s past, but this is not the case.

Heardmont owes its name to Stephen Heard, the first governor of Georgia named in 1781. Heard’s fourth great-grandson, Howard Perdue, Jr., born in 1912, was a well-known Birmingham trial lawyer. Continue reading


A farmhouse wedding close to home at the Sonnet House

The Sonnet House in Leeds is a popular wedding venue. Photo courtesy of Ann Wade Parrish.


Destination weddings don’t have to be in Hawaii or the Virgin Islands. The Sonnet House, located about 10 minutes from Highway 280 off Highway 119 in Leeds, gives couples the feeling of a “destination” close to home.

At the Sonnet House, you feel farther away than you are in a good way, Owner and Manager Jared Heaton said.

“It’s not as far away as it seems,” Heaton said. “When I heard about it being in Leeds, I was like, really? You never know what you’re going to fall in love with.”
Jordyn Culbreth Farris and her husband, David, recent Auburn University alumni as well as Oak Mountain High School graduates, held their reception there on March 11.

“We really loved the house,” Farris said. “We liked that it’s a really big space for people. And, it’s beautiful on its own, or you can add a twist to it.”

The couple took photos before the wedding at the house and had their reception mostly outdoors, where guests dined on Momma Goldberg’s fare.

“We had food in the chapel and in the main house, but we danced on the back porch,” she said. “The outside was perfect for our reception.” Continue reading

The family cemeteries of Highway 119


Members of the Harris, Acton and Overton families are among those buried in the Harris Family Cemetary on Highway 119 near Brook Highland Drive. Photo by Kathryn Acree.

Family cemeteries along Highway 119 memorialize early area residents who came before us in the last century and afterward. Formerly known as the Ashville-Montevallo Road, the road was an Indian trail before becoming a stagecoach route to serve residents of Shelby County.

We visited the Shelby County Historical Society to research a few of these family cemeteries and then braved exploring the graves ourselves.

Continue reading

Grants Mill Road bridge opens

The Grants Mill Road bridge over Lake Purdy reopened with a ribbon cutting at 3 p.m. today. The bridge, which provides a vital link between I-459 and Highway 119, has been closed since 2009 and under construction since March of this year.

Senator Slade Blackwell, Birmingham Mayor William Bell and Councilor Kim Rafferty at the ribbon cutting for the bridge. Photo by Kathryn Acree.

Highway 280 area residents have long been anticipating the bridge opening to cut their commute time and decrease traffic on Highway 280.

Mayor William Bell's entourage arrives at the new bridge for the ribbon cutting. Photo by Kathryn Acree.

How will the new bridge opening affect your commutes? Comment below and let us know.