Business Spotlight

Foote Brothers Furniture

Owner David Foote with saleswomen Patty Willis and Brenda Howell in front of the store's King Hickory fabric wall.

118 West 3rd Street Sylacauga, AL


By Lauren Nix

Foote Brothers Furniture’s  David Foote takes pride in offering high-quality furniture without the high-quality attitude.

Open since 1947, Foote Brothers Furniture has created a reputation of quality, knowledge and experience among its customers and is known to meet a wide range of furniture needs.

The store, located at 118 West Third St. in Sylacauga, has an elaborate showroom featuring home furnishings from top manufacturers including King Hickory, Legacy, Bradington Young, Broyhill and Hooker.

“We’re very traditional, but we’re very adaptable, too,”   Foote said.

The store also sells popular brands of mattresses including Tempur-Pedic and Restonic.

Foote Brothers carries furnishings for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and outdoor space including formal rugs, home entertainment pieces and office furniture.

One unique feature in the store is the Stressless gallery they have.  This brand is known for its perfect fit and furniture that comes in different sizes for absolute comfort.

The sofas and chairs that are manufactured by Stressless come in a variety of colors and styles.

Foote says this brand is popular among customers for both its comfort and durability.

“It blends in very well in traditional settings,” he added.

Another equally popular and versatile brand is King Hickory.  Foote Brothers has a fabric wall for King Hickory furnishings, which allows a customer to choose any one of the hundreds of patterns offered for their sofa or chair.

The high quality furniture is only one perk of shopping at Foote Brothers, however.

The knowledgeable staff takes the time to discover your needs and do all they can to meet them.

Sales women Patty Willis and Brenda Howell know the store like the backs of their hands and can assist a customer with any furnishing dilemma.

“People always say it’s more personal here because Patty and Brenda take a lot of time helping customers,” Foote said.

Foote, Willis and Howell have over 85 years of combined experience, so between the three of them a customer should feel more than confident in decisions made at Foote Brothers.

The store offers delivery service across the entire state and free home consultations.

Foote Brothers originally opened in Gadsden, Ala. in 1947 and moved to the Sylacauga location in 1956.  David Foote’s father and uncle started Foote Brothers, and he has been running the business for 40 years.

“Our motto through the years has been we sell quality and we give service,” Foote said.

For more information on the well-established furniture store and the products they offer, visit their website at or call them at (256) 245-7791.

Coman Baum Fine Jewelry and Gifts

Owner Coman Baum

270 Doug Baker Blvd # 500


By Lauren Nix

Coman Baum Fine Jewelry and Gifts, located at  Lee Branch, has been open for nine years and worked to create a reputation of quality and honesty.

Owner Coman Baum knew he wanted to be in the jewelry business after working in his step-father’s jewelry store in San Antonio, Texas.  After attending the G.I.A. Institute in Carlsbad, Calif. where he received his Graduate Gemologist Degree, Baum returned to his home town of Birmingham and pursued his dream.

“Living in all those different places really gave me a feel for different areas and what people like,” Baum said.  “But I wanted to get back here because the close-knit communities are really something I enjoy.”

Baum attributes the success of his store to the customer service offered and the relationships they form with customers.

“Every piece of jewelry that comes in here I touch,” he said.  “We’re small and we’ll always be small, and I like it that way.  It allows you to establish a truly close relationship.”

Baum describes the jewelry he sells as functional, mid to high-end pieces, and although extravagant pieces are available, the most popular type of jewelry he sells can be worn every day as well as at an evening event.

The selection ranges from fun charm bracelets to elaborate diamond settings so there truly is something for everyone.  The store sells jewelry from unique and distinctive brands to ensure that pieces from Coman Baum stand out from the rest and really have a custom feel.

“Having our pieces remain unique is really a big asset,” Baum said.

The store’s goal is to find out about the customer and what they like to help narrow the search down to a few key pieces to find the perfect fit.

They offer appraisals, repairs and custom designs, and also buy and sell pre-owned Rolex watches.  Customers can sell scrap gold and vintage pieces to the store, and Baum says all repairs are completed in two days to a week.

Coman Baum Jewelry has a close working relationship with its peers Isbell Jewelers, Barton-Clay and Bromerg’s and is endorsed by local celebrities such as Stan White.

“Honesty, good service, fair pricing, consistency and passion for what we do are all things that mark us,” Baum said.

Maui Jim sunglasses and Silly Bandz are also sold at the store.

For more information visit their website at or give them a call at 991-1812.

Four Corners

Carla Hamilton, owner of Four Corners

4700 Hwy 280 E. Suite 8


By Lauren Nix

Looking for a custom framing gallery where you can find endless options for preserving artwork and other treasures?  Four Corners is the place for you.

Located at 4700 Highway 280, Four Corners offers customers thousands of framing options, as well as artwork which is switched out regularly.

“We’re an art provider, whether it’s residential or commercial work, because we do both.  And we do anywhere from one piece for somebody to hundreds of pieces,” said Carla Hamilton, owner of Four Corners.

The gallery offers over 3,500 frame styles including hand-carved pieces, leather frames, hand-painted frames and acrylic frames.

With the amount of frame choices, as well as the large variety of mats, liners and fillets, Four Corners hopes to capture the essence of anything brought to them.

Four Corners prefers to use conservation grade glass on pieces they frame.

“They have 99 percent UV protection to protect artwork from the color shifting, either from sunlight or florescent lighting,” said Hamilton. “This conservation glass is essentially the same cost as regular glass.”

The staff at Four Corners is comprised of experienced designers who have an eye for architecture and color which is why the store is recommended by so many, including the Birmingham Museum of Art.

“Karen, our gallery director, is a certified picture framer.  She has to renew her license every 3 or 4 years to stay certified, which means she’s up to date on the latest techniques and materials as far as preserving things,” Hamilton said.

“She’s one of the only certified picture framers in the state and the Birmingham Museum of Art recommends us because of her experience,” she added.

Four Corners is also mindful of sustainability when framing items.

“Our first approach to anything is that if it’s worth framing, it’s worth framing right the first time,” Hamilton said.

The gallery also offers preservation and restoration work on antique frames and pictures.

“If there are chunks that are missing, we can rebuild those chunks and make it look as good as new.  Or we can do other things that maintain the character of the antique nature because a lot of people like that,” said Hamilton.

Real gold and silver leafing can also be added to frames if the customer so desires.

Four Corners restores old photographs digitally by rebuilding them in Photoshop.

Four Corners is very careful about the materials they use.   Customers can be certain that no pieces framed by the gallery will be damaged by acid-based materials.

“The backing boards need to be acid-free as well as the way the artwork is mounted to the back,” Hamilton said. “Anything we do to mount the artwork in place is something that can be removed at some point down the road so that it never does anything to the artwork.”

Hamilton says they frame anything, including television sets and items already mounted to the wall.

Four Corners also provides installation services, both to homeowners and corporate businesses.

“It’s about taking somebody’s treasure, whether it’s new or old, and putting it in a framed environment for generations to enjoy,” Hamilton said.

For more information on Four Corners and their services visit their website at or call them at 980-2600.

Past Perfect

Mary Carol McDaniel

Past Perfect


Lee Branch

By Lauren Nix

Past Perfect, located at 230 Doug Baker Blvd., offers its customers a wonderful selection of new and consigned home furnishings.

“We really have anything you need furnishing wise for your house; from artwork, to upholstery and rugs and anything you’d need to decorate with,” Owner Mary Carol McDaniel said.

When walking through the extensively decorative showroom, one would find it almost impossible to distinguish between the new and used items.

The store will have been open seven years this November, and approximately 25 percent of their furnishings are consigned items.

“People walk in here and they say ‘Oh, I thought you had consigned items.’  They’ll be half-way around the store and they haven’t even realized that a lot of what they’re looking at is consigned,” McDaniel said.

Customers usually send pictures of items they would like to consign so the staff can determine if it is an item that they could use in the store.

“We look for things that are still current and desirable, and it has to be in good condition,” McDaniel said pointing to two chairs in the store window that look like they just came from the manufacturer.

If a consignment item is sold, Past Perfect and the consigner split the money 50/50.

McDaniel says they try to sell the item at half of what the retail price would be, but sometimes that’s not possible.

“People who are shopping at consignment stores are usually looking for a really good deal, so we have to keep that in mind and price it where it’s still attractive to someone, and they can still feel like they’re getting a deal for something great,” she said.

Selling a home furnishing through Past Perfect is successful for so many customers because new and consigned items share the showroom.

“They’re displayed attractively and someone can really see how it would fit in their home,” McDaniel said.

The store also has a decorating program called “Accessories On Wheels” where customers pay to have Past Perfect decorators transform any room in their house.

The decorators go to a customer’s house, take pictures and talk to them about what they would like for $120.

After the initial meeting, the customer can come back in the store where the decorators will present their ideas and the customer can choose which items they like.  If an item is not in the store, Past Perfect will order it.

“Once everything is in, we’ll deliver it all at the same time and install it, if the customer decides to have us do that, and just kind of transform the whole room and pull it all together,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel said the program is popular for them and an easy way for customers to improve a room in their house.

Another popular aspect of the store is the quick turnaround when ordering upholstery. McDaniel says the upholstery will be in the store 35 days after it is ordered.

All of these facts, plus the friendly staff, make Past Perfect the perfect local store to shop for furniture.

For more information on Past Perfect visit their website at or call at 980-1898.

Seniors Helping Seniors


Helping Make Life a Little Easier

“I’ve seen all aspects of care-giving, from the atrocious to the angelic,” says Stephen Baldwin, owner and operator of Birmingham’s Seniors Helping Seniors in-home services. “I wanted to offer a service that met the needs of senior citizens in a caring and compassionate manner.”

Baldwin knew he’d found his true calling after reading about the Pennsylvania-based in-home service group in the Wall Street Journal last November. A cancer survivor himself, Baldwin served as caregiver to his first wife, who had Crohn’s Disease, and now his current wife, Shelley, who was diagnosed with MS in her early twenties.  “I know what it means to be the provider of loving care and what a privilege it is to serve others this way,” explains Baldwin. He retired from his office furnishings business and opened his Alabama franchise of Seniors Helping Seniors in early 2010.

Seniors Helping Seniors brings together senior citizens who want to provide care with senior citizens who want to remain in their own home but need outside, non-medical help. This can mean something as simple as a few hours a week of companionship or possibly more of a commitment such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, shopping, transportation or even yard work.

Providing intra-generational home help is a unique service. “Many seniors will say they don’t want to talk all day to a 25-year-old. They share nothing in common,” says Baldwin. “But let them spend time with a peer who can talk about the Korean War and they’ve made a friend.”

“Part of what drew me to this company was the business philosophy of its co-founder and chairwoman, Kiran Yocom,” explains Baldwin.  Yocom,  who worked with Mother Theresa in India, has stated “we all age and we want to continue to live independently without becoming a burden on our family or friends. We want to, and deserve to, engage fully with the world.”

Seniors Helping Seniors seeks providers who don’t necessarily have professional training in care-giving. “I look for the senior citizen who has cared for their own loved one,” says Baldwin. “Those are the types of people that will make the connection our seniors need.” Baldwin personally meets the family of prospective clients and listens to their needs. He then goes to work making the correct “match” of provider and client.

Stephen Baldwin of Seniors Helping Seniors

One example Baldwin gives of a great connection is a recent client who is a retired minister. His wife, his primary care-giver, needed a few hours a week away to pursue her passion of painting. Baldwin was able to link the minister with a another retired minister who enjoyed caring for other seniors . “What a relief for our client’s wife who can have some time away knowing her husband is with someone he really enjoys talking to,” says Baldwin.

For more information on the in-home services provided by Seniors Helping Seniors, contact Stephen Baldwin at 981-1926 or his email:  Their website is

The Rusty Dime

The Rusty Dime

701 Doug Baker Boulevard, Suite 105


*next to the Rave Theatre*

The Rusty Dime- Exclusive antiques with a Mississippi charm

Hidden behind the Rave Theatre in Hoover lies one hidden treasure. An antique store that has most anything imaginable.

Owner Mel Rich opened The Rusty Dime this past May 1. He had just retired from Augusta Fiberglass in December and was wanting to do something with his lifelong passion for antiques. “For the past 20/25 years I have been going to state auctions and buying antiques, I decided why not open a store and sell them,” said Rich. As for the name “The Rusty Dime” this was an old blues saying from the Mississippi Delta where Rich grew up.

Inside the store, you will find artwork, books, antiques, furniture, and even rugs. It’s the perfect store for anyone who is starting from scratch to decorate their home. It is guaranteed that you will find an item that has not been seen anywhere else. Rich loves different antiques and one-of-a kind items, he makes sure that nothing is a reproduction but an original. He also pays careful attention to the layout of the store. He never wants it to appear “junky” so a customer feels like they have to search to find everything. Instead everything is laid out, so everything can be seen.

One thing he also makes sure of is to offer a good price range, this way anyone can buy something. His price range begins at $5 and goes up to $800 for the rugs and furniture. He says majority of the stuff in his store is $300 or below.

Rich lives in South Carolina and only makes a few trips per month so he leaves the care of the store to his sister Leanna Morgan who lives in Chelsea. Rich just loved this area in Birmingham and really wanted to open the store here because he felt that the 280 corridor is booming and this would be a great place for antiques. And as for the most part their business has been really good since their opening on May 1.

It is a great “family venue” as they call it, because they both love antiques. They are extremely nice with great southern hospitality who just want to make sure you enjoy your shopping experience. They  go above and beyond to make it a comfortable, relaxing environment and they guarantee to find you a special piece for your home.

So if your in the need for items for your home The Rusty Dime is the place to go! As Leanna Morgan says, “ We have unique antiques that are offered at every price, there will be something for everyone.”

Brian Fleury Allstate Agency

Brian Fleury and Jennifer Davis

2 Perimeter Park South,

Suite 312-E


Brian Fleury has found that concern for others is his biggest asset in the insurance business.

“My job is to make sure that people are properly insured for what they have,” Fleury said. “If  it’s us helping them, that is terrific, but helping them find out is the most important thing.”

Allstate offers auto, property, and life insurance through the  Brian Fleury agency.

Brian notes that tragedy of losing everything due to unexpected events like floods, fires, tornadoes, and other accidents can easily be avoided by carrying the proper insurance. “Damage can at least be minimized, where the financial part can be repaired,” he said. “The peace of mind and emotional benefit that comes with that  is very valuable as well.”

Fleury is a Connecticut transplant who first moved to Birmingham to work for the  Birmingham Barons. He is a graduate of Union College in upstate New York. Brian says that part of what he enjoys about his job is getting to be a part of the community. Brian has lived in the Narrows, but recently moved to Inverness  after getting  married. He said he enjoys running his own business and being able to help other people in his community.

Brian said that his agency has a referral program. Anyone  who refers someone to be quoted receives a $10 gift card to “pretty much anywhere they choose.”

Brian has good help at his agency. He is assisted by Jennifer Davis, originally from the Birmingham area. Davis is a Customer Service representative and Sales Producer with three years experience.

Brian said that when he isn’t working, he plays softball and enjoys taking his Rottweiler and Pomeranian to the park.

Outdoor Living Areas, inc


Johnathan Messner and Scot Thompson of Outdoor Living Areas, Inc.

A Backyard Business Blooms East of Birmingham

When landscaper John Calloway  visited family in Nashville in summers past, he noticed more and more people there were building outdoor living areas in their backyards.

“I saw this was quickly becoming a popular project for homeowners,” Calloway said.  “Knowing that Nashville is a little ahead of the curve in home trends versus Birmingham, it would only be a matter of time before that interest would spark in our area.”

He researched the options Birmingham homeowners had and found the market was ready. A 20-year-veteran of the landscaping business, he knew he and his partners, Scot Thompson and Johnathan Messner, had the customer base for developing a new business.

“We’d always done rock and stone work for people by request,” Calloway said. “We were so tuned into planting shrubs, mowing grass and laying sod that it never dawned on us to offer clients other options.”

The business partners started Outdoor Living Areas Inc. in 2005.  Once Calloway began marketing the types of patios, fireplaces, kitchens and more that could be built outside, the work took off.   Five years later, the company keeps two crews busy with projects.


Now that the trend for building these areas is in full-swing, Thompson cautions homeowners to keep several things in mind when obtaining bids.

“Beyond just the design process, some customers are surprised by the licensing and permits involved,” Thompson said. “Surveys, plot plans and footing details may be required by the municipality and their homeowners’ association. We go to great lengths to provide plot plans to scale, photographs and landscape design for the finished space. We want the customer protected and to know their project is being performed by professionals.”

When meeting with a potential client, Thompson prefers to show customers actual work being performed in their area.

“Although we have an excellent website with photos, I like to take them to a job if we have one going on close by,” he said.

Messner said fire pits are his favorite feature of the outdoor designs.

“They remind me of camping trips with my family,” Messner said.  “There’s something special about a fire that draws people around it. People relax and enjoy each other’s company.”

Time to entertain

Cheech Ayers, a homeowner on Shades Crest Road whose home overlooks the Ross Bridge area, hired Outdoor Living Areas to build a patio area that allows his family to entertain outside and highlighted their fabulous view.

“Johnathan and Scot have produced projects for me both efficiently and professionally,” Ayers said. “Our home is one of the few properties along Shades Crest with sufficient backyard space, and this allows us to make the most of it.”

Calloway said he takes pride in and enjoys the unique projects his company has built for customers like Ayers.

“Every project we design and build is different in some way than any we’ve ever done,” Calloway said. “That is what makes it so enjoyable for everyone here to come to work each day.”

For more information on Outdoor Living Areas services, visit or call 205-402-2110.

Greystone Antiques & Marketplace

5475 Highway 280 East

Birmingham, AL  35242

(205) 995-4773

County Fair Owner, Wendy Buchanan; Greystone Antiques & Marketplace Manager, Chris Collins

“Something Old. Something New.”

And lots of stuff in between! Think of it as over 60 mini retailers (with only a few spaces still available) all under one roof!

Truly – over 20,000 square feet full of everything from the small collectible to the rare antique await your perusal. Everything from costume jewelry to estate jewels. Second-hand, third-hand, and the really old stuff to the brand spanking new. Hand-crafted items by local artists too! When it comes to home furnishings, home decorating and gift giving, “we are a full-service station – a one-stop shop,” says manager Chris Collins.

And to back this claim, Chris says they offer upholstery service, furniture painting, in-house interior decorator service with a “Decorator for a Day” program, delivery service, moving service, and no-charge layaway. So if you see something you like, but it’s in the wrong color, they can fix that right away and in-house.

County Fair

Have you been looking for the County Fair store? We found it! It’s under the roof of Greystone Antiques & Marketplace! Like before, County Fair offers a unique blend of new gift items, monogramming, personalization, children’s clothing and children’s bedding ~ the same stuff that made it such a popular place to shop before. Only now, owners Wendy Buchanan and Elaine Buchanan have a more open and airy space to stock the shelves.

Together, Chris, Wendy and Elaine have put together a really fun and super exciting place to shop for your home, yourself and almost everyone on your gift list!

Hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10-6 and Sunday 1-5. They are closed on Monday. Stop by often as the store is ever evolving as vendors bring in new items daily. Soon you’ll be able to log on to which is under construction, or you can visit which is available now.

Keep this in mind: Chris is in negotiations for an in-house coffee shop as well. She would like to offer her customers a place where they can prop their feet up, refuel, and stay a while!

One Saturday a month, Greystone Antiques & Marketplace features a Red Balloon Sale. Check out their ad in 280 Living to find out each month’s special.

Plain Jane

Children & Gift Shop

270 Doug Baker Blvd, Suite 6

Birmingham, AL  35242

(205) 991-1995

Rosemary Chesser

Since 2008  Rosemary Chesser has been the owner of Plain Jane Children and Gift Shop in the Village at Lee Branch Shopping Center. She bought the business at a time when the economy seemed to be taking a nose dive, so her first inclination was to lower her price points. Since then, she promises, anyone can walk in her store at any time and find the perfect, cutest little baby gift, shower gift, birthday gift, hostess gift, etc., for under $30.00.

Of special interest to Rosemary is working closely with the community. In addition to working with local artists, she works closely with the women living at Hannah Home. In particular, she sells First Fruits Enterprises burp cloths and baby bibs. These items are hand sewn by the women at Hannah Home while receiving shelter and counseling. 100% of the money paid for the items by Rosemary goes directly to the woman doing the sewing! Rosemary will then add a monogrammed letter on the bibs or cloths. For that matter, she can personalize just about any item, whether or not you bought it at her store.

She knows her customers. She knows her market. And she has lassoed in quite a following. Rosemary states, “My customers know when they walk in, if they see it and like it, buy it now. Chances are good it won’t be here next time.” That’s, in part, due to an effort to keep the items she offers in her store fresh, new and exciting – every time, all the time. She adds, “Every day’s special. Every time UPS knocks on the back door, it’s special and new.”

Just one walk through the boutique will amaze you! Right now, the store is gearing up for springtime, beach time and Easter. You’ll find colorful beach towels, beach bags, carry coolers, totes of every size and color, sandals by Yellow Box and Leslie Phillips, lounge chair covers, handmade jewelry by local artists like Obsesssions, stuffed animals – in particular – bunnies!, adorable sun dresses for mom and/or daughter, locally made Majesty t-shirts, candles, frames, key chains, cards, stationery, pens. It occurred to me, you really can’t see everything in the store in just one trip!

Hours are Mon-Fri 10-6, and Sat 10-5. You can be a part of Rosemary’s email blasts where she makes it a point to send you “quick-glance” notices. She realizes you don’t have all-day to read a lengthy email, so she keeps them brief and to the point. That way, you can stay informed of the latest, newest items in her store. Remember, they move fast!

Toluca, Pottery & Things

11728 Chelsea Rd

Chelsea, AL 35043


Charles Rich

Charles Rich and David Garcia have been in business together for years. Though lately they’ve gone into a whole new arena – the pottery business.

Charles, a twenty-five year veteran of the home remodeling business and David, his partner for a large portion of that time, were recently inspired.

“Over the last few years, the slowdown in the economy has really had an effect on the remodeling business,” said Rich. “I’m used to staying busy. I needed something else to do.”

So last year they started looking around for some sort of new business to go into.

“I thought I might like retail,” said Charles. I liked the idea of having a good product already made and having people come to me and walk out with it.”

So they started to look around at different types of businesses to open. Charles know of some successful Mexican pottery businesses, but none in the Chelsea area.

“I thought it would be something  different, something new to the area,” Charles said.  “I thought it would be something people would like.”

Their imaginations were fired and the idea for Toluca Pottery & Things was hatched.

Late last summer they made several trips to Mexico. They went to many different locations. David, who is originally from Mexico, had some knowledge of places they could go. They drove around asking questions, making phone calls, and deciding what to buy, and  where. They had to figure out how to ship their merchandise back to the states and where to get retail space.

They found their building at 11728 Chelsea Rd. in Chelsea.  They opened up shop the second week of November when their first shipment arrived. “I liked this location for a long time and knew it was available,” said Charles. He says they see a lot of traffic go by daily and people pay attention to their sign.

“The day before it snowed in February, I put on the sign that chimineas would be 50% off if it snowed. The next day it snowed and a lot of people took me up on my offer,” Charles said.

Their chimineas were originally a big seller. A chiminea is a clay outdoor chimney type fire pit. They also had a lot of other types of pottery in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Many people use them as planters. Charles said the animal planters, especially the pig planters, have been the most popular items.

“People just love the pigs,” Charles said.

On their  recent second trip to Mexico, they brought back many of the original items while also diversifying their inventory. The new inventory includes Talavera pottery. The Talavera pottery is ornately painted designs on the pottery. It has a glazed finish with a  bright colorful finish. They got plenty of pigs and also added some rabbit planters for Easter.

Charles even added  a few sets of Chinese pottery.

In addition to the different types of pottery, they also have added wrought iron furniture.  They offer tables, chairs, gazebos, and benches.

“We’re ready for spring,” said Charles. “I hope that people will get the urge to get out and use our stuff to spruce up their yards and homes.”

With spring just around the corner, and the large selection and low prices being offered at Toluca, we’re sure that they will.

Toluca Pottery and Things is located at 11728 Chelsea Rd, Chelsea. They can be reached by phone at 205-678-3768.

Redesign Furniture Consignment
5361 Highway 280
Bazaar 280 Shopping Center
(205) 408-2601

They’ve only been in business about six months, but it seems they’ve hit a chord in the community. It’s Redesign – an upscale furniture consignment store carrying everything from the trendy to the traditional. And if you haven’t been by lately, it’s time to visit again.

The inventory flies in and out of that place like wildfire. “The community has been extremely supportive and we are so very grateful for that. In fact, we already have “our regulars” who come in weekly just to see what new items have arrived since their last visit. You just never know what you might find at our store,” says owner Pam Scott.

With eight years under her belt as the Southern Living at Home Director of Events, Pam was well engrossed in the interior design business. But when the slowing economy left her jobless, she and her husband Kent were wondering what their next step would be. “The sale of a family-owned retail business coupled with a job layoff found us wondering what business opportunity would be the most viable in these uncertain economic times,” said Pam. But after consulting with friends of theirs already in the consignment business, Pam and Kent decided that they too would jump into this fun and perhaps recession-proof business. “Consignment shopping offers customers a way to spend less and get more,” adds Pam and Kent.

Perhaps it’s a complete overhaul you need in your home. Or it might be that you’re just missing one unique piece that will pull it all together. Redesign can help you. In addition to selling high-quality, pre-loved furniture and home décor, they now offer an affordable interior design service. For $150 per two-hour consultation, Redesign’s professional interior designer will come to your home to help you with a simple room rejuvenation or a total room transformation.

On the flip side, ReDesign offers the community a great way to sell their gently used furniture. Pam adds, “We offer the community a way to sell their pre-loved furniture and accessories in an attractive designer setting, without the hassle of phone calls from classified ads, broken appointments and opening their home to the public. It’s like being invited to a private home and having the first opportunity to purchase the best furnishings for a great price. Consignment is truly a wonderful way to bring buyers and sellers together.” If you are considering consigning a piece of furniture, visit their website at and click on “Consign.” It will walk you through the process from start to finish. Best part: Redesign will pick it up for free.

In summary, stop by ReDesign soon and stop by often, and I bet Pam and Kent will make a “consignment junkie” out of you too!


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