280 Living is the neighborly news source for the communities along the Highway 280 corridor in Birmingham, Alabama. We welcome contributions from our readers and community members.

Distribution Points
Greystone YMCA
Lloyd’s Restaurant
North Shelby Library
Other area business and restaurants

Founded in September 2007 by Patti Henderson, 280 Living serves the people and communities along the 280 Corridor. The first few months, 280 Living was delivered by hand to the driveways of the neighborhoods along the 280 corridor. Some months, the Henderson family alone delivered up to 8,000 copies.

In July 2008, we decided to let the US Postal Service handle the job of delivery. The print version is now delivered the first weekend of each month and reaches 24,000 households.

From the very beginning 280 Living was a hit in the community. We provide a unique medium for neighborly news and entertainment and are proud to be the community bragging spot.


One response to “About

  1. “Neighborly News and Entertainment” is a great subtitle for 280 Living! This is a local publication that lives up to its name, spotlighting area businesses and restaurants, and featuring individuals who contribute to our community. Your communication is positive, and topics are timely. Thanks for continuing your coverage of our area.

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