Dahl selected by Rockies in MLB Draft


David Dahl signed with Auburn earlier this year and now will decide whether to play for the university or in the MLB for the Colorado Rockies. Photo courtesy of Shannon Floyd.

Recent Oak Mountain graduate David Dahl got the call of a lifetime Monday, June 4 at 7:10 p.m.  David was selected no. 10 overall by the Colorado Rockies in the first round of the Major League baseball draft.

His mother knew when he got the call it was for more than just small talk.

“A big smile came over David’s face as he listened to the phone call,” said Kelli Dahl.  “He talked us through the conversation he was having as he was on the phone.”

The Rockies organization saw Dahl as a great fit for their team after he finished a workout in which he hit 9 home runs and ran a blistering 6.4 seconds in the 60-yard dash.

Dahl has until July 13 to sign with the Rockies or continue with his original plan of attending Auburn University to play baseball. Top ten picks typically receive signing bonuses in upwards of millions of dollars, so the decision will not be easy.

For now, Dahl and his family will rely on the counsel of an advisor to decide on pursuing a professional career or to attend college. This advisor has been with Dahl since his sophomore year of high school.

Until a verdict is made, rest assured Dahl will still be on cloud nine.  “It really hasn’t even sunk in yet,” Kelli Dahl said.  “We are just waiting to see what the future holds.”

Regardless of his choice, there is no indecision as to how great David Dahl will be.  That is one thing people who have watched him already know.


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