Shelby County Board of Education revises calendar

In a meeting held on May 21, the Shelby County Board of Education revised the 2012-2013 school calendar. The calendar can be viewed here under the heading “approved calendar”
The revised calendar now lists the first full day for students to return to school as Monday, August 20. The week of August 13 – 17 will be used as teacher workdays and professional development days. Previously scheduled weather days have been removed.

The changes were made to comply with Alabama’s newly passed Flexibility Calendar Act requires that schools start the academic year no more than two weeks before Labor Day, which is August 20 this year, and that the year end by May 24.

These changes for Shelby County allow the system to maintain a 180 day calendar year with school ending for students on May 23, 2013.

One response to “Shelby County Board of Education revises calendar

  1. Oh, THANK YOU “Shelby County,” for making our students miss out on more time to actually LEARN and get ahead of other states! I imagine you expect by removing the “weather days” our children will be suspect to making these days up on Saturday’s? Let me be the first to declare this “law” ludicrous. Perhaps Alabama needs a reminder that our state ranks 47th of the 50 states… With Mississippi at 50. Our state is an embarrassment to the educational process! Other than moving to another state, what’s a parent to do? Perhaps this article will be more enlightening:

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