Neighborhood celebrates end of school with popsicle party


Last year’s popsicle party showed how “grown up” the neighborhood kids are now. Photo courtesy of Teresa Whittle.

Ask any student what their favorite day of school is and it’s a good bet the answer is, “the LAST day!”

Moms and kids in The Cedars off Highway 119 have celebrated the last day of school for over ten years with an annual popsicle party at Karen Register’s home.

When the Register’s moved to Birmingham from Texas in 2000, their oldest son, Will, was in second grade. “On the last day of school, we invited lots of friends and neighbors to help celebrate the end of the school year and the tradition began,” said Register.

Register continued the yearly event, walking paper invites around her cul-de-sac. Technology- texting and Facebook- has brought additional ways to make sure the neighborhood knows the party is on for another year.

“Every year, cars of moms and kids pull up right after school,” Register said. “It has always been hosted on the last day of school with only one exception, last year when Will graduated from Oak Mountain, we threw the party the day prior because of graduation.”

The party has continued to grow each year on the Register’s driveway and front porch. “Some families stay for a few minutes, some stay for hours. Kids of all ages celebrate the freedom that only summer can bring,” Register said.

With the loads of popsicles and ice cream sandwiches beckoning, Register admits that one of her favorite joys are the college students who call home and ask, “Is there going to be a popsicle party this year?”

Next year, the Register’s youngest son, Dusty, graduates from Oak Mountain and some neighborhood moms are a bit worried about the future of their neighborhood tradition.

“Maybe I’ll be passing on the baton to one of them in a few years,” Register added. “I just can’t seem to go there yet… I love the excitement we all feel when school schedules are over and the freedom of summer begins!”


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