Ministry Spotlight: Heart to Heart


A group gathers at Double Oak Community Church each month to make and pray over special pillows for heart surgery patients. Front row: Amelia Fore, Lori Willis, Madge Noland, Lillian Shannon. Back row Nanette Horsley, Linda Garrett, Joyce Cary, Patricia Shuttleworth, Becky Benoit. Photos by Brittney Harrison.

Each day thousands of people undergo heart surgery in the United States.  Amelia Fore’s husband, Ed, was one of them.

After his triple bypass surgery, he was given a chest pillow to aid with coughing and sneezing pain. Throughout his recovery time, Fore witnessed the significance and comfort this pillow provided her husband. It was Ed’s experience that propelled his wife to start what is now known as Heart to Heart Ministries.

Since 2010 a group has gathered at Double Oak Mountain Community Church on the first Wednesday of each month to make 30 or more heart-shaped pillows for patients who have had open heart surgery at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Christine Hollingsworth, an ovarian cancer survivor and volunteer with Heart to Heart, spoke of her experience with surgery and the taxing recovery process.
“Unless you’ve ever had surgery you don’t know the need,” she said. “This pillow became my best friend.”

In addition to Double Oak, Heart to Heart is also sponsored by the Ladies at Northlake and Robin’s Sewing Shoppe.

Robin’s Sewing Shoppe Manager Nannette Horsley and Heart to Heart founder Amelia Fore hold pillows they crafted during the March Heart to Heart gathering.

“I jumped in whole heartily,” said Robin’s Manager Nanette Horsley. After her father had open heart surgery in 2006, Horsley also noticed how much her father loved and needed his cough pillow.

“People don’t really think one person can make a difference, but one person really can,” said Madge Noland, women’s ministry coordinator at Double Oak.

The pillows Heart to Heart makes are handmade and prayed over. “They have a personal touch, and that makes all the difference,” said Horsley.

Heart to Heart Ministries is always looking for more volunteers.

“You don’t need to know how to sew,” Fore said, “We need people to stuff pillows and cut fabric too!”

For more information about how you can get involved with Heart to Heart visit:

In May, Heart to Heart will be holding their meeting at Robin’s Sewing Shoppe’s Hoover location.


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