Briarwood students to spend spring break on mission to Guatemala


Students at Briarwood Christian School love the month of March because of one week, spring break. The usual spring break locations for Briarwood students consist of the beach, Disney World, the mountains, etc.  However, this year a team of Briarwood students are giving up a spring break of relaxation for a spring break of sharing Christ with people in Guatemala.

The team heads for Huehuetenango, Guatemala, on March 16, and they will be staying there for eight days.

A total of 43 members make up the team, and the students range from eighth to 12th grade. The team also has a doctor, a nurse, two dentists, teachers, a few parents, a school administrator and other Briarwood alumni.

The team will be serving at Tabernacle de la Fe, a Christian school in Huehuetenango.

“Our main goal is to see lives changed as a result of sharing Christ,” said Barrie Downs, who is in charge of the trip. “The people there are very humble and extremely grateful. We serve those dear people by setting up medical, dental, and pharmacy clinics.”

The team will have plenty to do while in Guatemala, as there are several projects that they have planned. “The construction team this year is finishing a concrete reservoir so they can irrigate the soccer fields, and pump water to the second floor bathrooms of the school,” said Downs.

The children within the school will also be ministered to. Teaching the students about the Bible, playing games and making arts and crafts are just some of the team’s outreach plans.

The Briarwood students that are on this mission trip will be able to see how life is lived in third world countries and how blessed they are here in the U.S. The team plans to change lives while in Guatemala through their serving, and they hope to come back with many life-changing stories.

Collier Kauffman is a sophomore at Briarwood Christian School.


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