The Southern scent of High Cotton Candles

Eagle Point’s Karen Ingram created High Cotton Candle Company. Photo by Kathryn Acree.


Florals, the sweet smells of a home-baked dessert, the clean scents of soap on laundry day— these are the Southern scents celebrated in High Cotton Candles.
“My son loves the Lemon Bisque, which we named from my husband Dugg’s grandmother’s dessert recipe of the same name,” founder and Eagle Point resident Karen Ingram said. “Even after smelling so many candles, he said he could just eat that one up.”

Ingram delved into the world of soy candles after a request by her mom last summer to find just the right candle line to carry in her antique shop near Lake Martin.

“If you would have told me, even six months ago, that I would be making candles for a living, I would have said you are crazy,” Ingram said with a smile.

“I started looking for my mom’s shop, and while there are a lot of candle companies, I just didn’t come across what I was really seeking,” she said. “I wanted something southern and just wasn’t finding it.”

Ingram’s research led her to realize that with time and effort she could create what she wanted herself.

“I’m a little bit on the crafty side anyway, so I ordered a small amount of the ingredients necessary for candle making and tried it,” Ingram said.

When she sent the creations to her mom’s store, they sold out, and her mom called saying she needed more.

With the success of Ingram’s first batch, High Cotton Candle Company was born.
“Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been just in awe over cotton and cotton fields,” Ingram said. “We’ve had portraits made of our kids out in a cotton field; I just love it.”

The collection now has 25 scents with names such as Southern Hospitality, Welcome Y’all, Sweet Home Alabama, Cotton Fields and Mint Julep.

It was important to Ingram her candles be all natural soy with no additives or dyes, so all the candles are white with wood wicks. Soy wax is made from the oil of soybeans from American farms and burns clean, producing virtually no soot.  Ingram hand pours the candles into glass containers that are also made in America.

“I’m proud to produce a product completely made in the USA,” she said.

High Cotton 12-ounce candles burn for 60 hours. They are sold on and now are re-stocked and available at her mom’s shop, Lakeshore Antiques, in Dadeville. Ingram is seeking other retail outlets and thrilled at the reception they’ve received in our area after selling out at the Mt Laurel Harvest Festival.

“I’ve just been so blessed by my friends and family for their support while creating this new business,” Ingram said. “It’s been fun!”

High Cotton Candle Co. is on Facebook, and candles are available online at or by contacting Karen Ingram at

Where to find High Cotton Candles
Alabama Goods, Homewood
Greystone Antique & Marketplace
English Ivy
Lakeshore Antiques, Dadeville
Spoonful of Sugar, Mt Laurel


2 responses to “The Southern scent of High Cotton Candles

  1. I purchased one of High Cotton’s candles at Greystone. They are decent candles but I think there are others out there that have better scent throws and burn time

  2. Wonderful candles. Scents are divine

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