Chelsea Lane: Business Spotlight


Chelsea Lane owner Lisa Glass holds a wire nativity scene, one of her favorite items in the store. Photo by Krysti Shallenberger.

When you step in Chelsea Lane, you enter into in a maze of candles, jewelry, dishware and seasonal decorations.

Little nooks and crannies hold gift items, making it a shopper’s paradise. An old fashioned register, similar to the kind seen in old movies, sits on the counter.

“We do everything by hand,” said owner Lisa Glass, “That way, we can check out five people at once instead of one at a time. I’m not a big computer person; in fact, the husband of one of my employees takes care of my website. I like doing everything by hand.”

Chelsea Lane counts their inventory and writes out their own price tags and receipts—all by hand.

“I like to keep things as simple as possible,” said Glass.

The store offers a wide variety of items ranging from cutlery to its three lines of candles.

“Our gourmet food and dips are the most popular,” Harris said.

They have an in-house monogram service for their customers. “Anything that can be monogrammed, we do,” said Harris. They offer free gift-wrapping as well.

Their gift selection comes from Harris’ travels around the South; her collections include a new handmade line of jewelry and locally made Snooty Toots frames. The selection is also shaped by ideas from those who visit the store.

“A lot of my customers come back from vacations and show us jewelry or some gift item that they want to see in store,” said Glass.

The store also offers a bridal registry. The registry as well as the store’s full catalogue of items listed on Chelsea Lane’s website as well.

Outside of normal store hours, “Sip and See” and “Enchanted Evening” create a more communal relationship with the customers.  “Sip and See,”  held  in November each year, gives area residents a chance to drink spice tea and make crafts for the holiday season. On the “Enchanted Evening” night, only Christmas lights light up the store’s selection of gifts.

“We started Enchanted Evening last year and had so many people come that it was almost a fire hazard,” said Glass. “Customers don’t have to buy anything; they can just walk around listening to Christmas music and enjoy the experience.”

Chelsea Lane offers more than just items for sale; it’s a place to shop, talk and slow down from a busy day.

Gift ideas at Chelsea Lane
Kringle Candles– White candle collection made in various scents made by Yankee.
Snooty-Toots– Wooden frames available in different distressed colors and themes made locally by Leah Raines.
Southern Pecan Pepper Glaze– Can be used as dip or mixed in the store’s recipe for Southern Pecan Cheese Bake dip.
The Skyros Isabella Dishware Collection– A white scalloped collection set perfect for a bridal registry.

Chelsea Lane
16700 US Highway 280
Suite A
Mon. – Sat., 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Sunday, 1 p.m. -5p.m.


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