Bryant Art Gallery: Business Spotlight


Bryant Art Gallery

Bryant Art Gallery owner Robin Inzinna with her dog, Gus showcases Birmingham artist Cory Jackson-Hays’ work in her shop located in the Bazaar 280 shopping center behind Krispy Kreme. Photo by Krysti Shallenbrger.

When Robin Inzinna moved Bryant Art Gallery from Lee Branch to 280 Bazaar, she finally realized her dream of showcasing local artwork by adding them to the store’s stock of oil paintings and framework.

“I always wanted to have a little gallery,” she said. “I wanted to showcase local artists and their works to the Birmingham community.”

Inside Inzinna’s gallery,  space is wide, opening to the walls of paintings.  On the front window, wind-chimes tinkle and sparkle in the sunlight. “They are made by a local artist who recycles wine bottles and creates wind chimes,” Inzinna said. The artist also made pendants from glass bottles and old pictures.

In front of the store you’ll find jewelry and hand-spun bracelets. These small collections belong to Birmingham area jewelry and fiber artists.

Along the walls hang paintings from local artists who Robin met through the Shelby County Art Council. “It’s a great way to find artists that I can show through my gallery, and also a great way to network,” Inzinna said. “We learn so much about painting, but we also learn and connect with each other and become more aware of the artistic community in Birmingham.”

Several artists she showcases are self taught. One such artist, Caroline Chamberlain, offers art lessons at Bryant Art Gallery Wednesday night.

“These nights are really about learning the process of painting, different techniques, and being with each other,” Inzinna said. All the painters take the same design and experiment with different techniques.

Inzinna also started  “Coffee and Canvas” painting lessons in the morning that began September 15. “I really want to have an opportunity for stay-at-home moms and retired folks to come in and paint together in the morning,” she said.

Although Inzinna claims not to be creative like the artists she promotes in her gallery, she does participate in the art lessons she holds, as well as dabble in pottery. Her favorite form of pottery is freestyle. “I feel it’s more organic,” she said.

While Robin focuses on local artists, she also sells collectible and sports items. One wall in the shop holds frames sketches of Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse and Goofy in their first drafts before digitalization.  Next to the Disney wall, pictures of the Auburn and Alabama championships hang, adding an appeal for any Alabamian.

Inzinna ‘s greatest goal for her art gallery is for it to be a neighborhood art and frame shop where customers can come in and feel at home. She loves meeting new artists and showing their work to Birmingham, as well as developing the artistic abilities of neighbors, friends and family.

Bryant Art Gallery
5361 Highway 280 South

Monday – Friday, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Saturday,  10 a.m.-3 p.m.


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