Mughal Indian Cuisine: Restaurant Spotlight


Selections from the lunch buffet at Mughal. Photo by Dan Starnes.

If you’ve never tried Indian food, Mughal Indian Cuisine’s lunch buffet is the perfect place to start. All of the dishes are prepared with mild spices, and you can try a little bit of each dish to figure out what you like. In addition to traditional Indian dishes that rotate daily, the buffet serves up fresh and cooked vegetables, fruit and dessert, making for a complete meal.

The restaurant also has an extensive lunch and dinner menu of meat and vegetarian dishes sure to please the Indian food connoisseur, but it can be a little intimidating if you are not familiar with the cuisine. If you go for dinner, start with a mild dish like a curry or tikka masala, which feature aromatic sauces filled with meat and served over rice, and be sure to order naan, a type of Indian flatbread, to soak up the sauce.

I personally had never tried Indian food until I made a few friends in college who had lived in India and liked to frequent an Indian restaurant near our school in Memphis. I was unsure at first about trying something new—Chinese food was about as ethnically adventurous as my family was growing up—but I was pleasantly surprised after my friends told me to order something mild and naan arrived for snacking.

Indian dishes are full of a fragrant aroma of spices unlike other cuisine. Most sauces are creamy, full of spices, vegetables and meat that have been slow cooked until perfectly succulent. You can order them spicy if you like a kick or mild if that is your preference.

Open since July, Mughal adds ethnic spice to the lineup of barbecue, Greek food, Mexican and Southern cooking establishments that line Highway 280 in the Greystone/Lee Branch area. The restaurant is located near Chuck’s Fish and Pure Barre in The Terrace at Greystone Shopping Center across from Hugh Daniel Drive.

Sanju Karki, who owns the restaurant with Subash Karki, a friend, said that so far everyone to come in has enjoyed the food. He recommends anyone come in and try it. “It’s very good,” he said.

All of their dishes are Northern Indian cuisine, which tends to be richer than Southern Indian cuisine due to its cooler climate.

Mughal offers a takeout dining option. You can pick up a paper menu in the restaurant or view it on their website online. The restaurant also caters.

Mughal Indian Cuisine
5426 Highway 280 East Suite 14
Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m., 5-9:30 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., 5-10 p.m


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