Zumba Gold at Heardmont Senior Center

Coin skirts jingle from the waists of senior citizens. They spin in circles and wave their hands above their heads to the beat of Cee Lo’s “Forget You” and other pop songs.

The ladies of Zumba Gold with instructor Kim Knight at the Heardmont Senior Center. Photo by Mia Bass.

“Our mothers never taught us to shake it like this,” class member Sandra Alliston said. By “shaking it” at the Zumba Gold class at the Heardmont Senior Center, Alliston has lost 40 pounds.

“This isn’t the sort of thing for those who aren’t active,” Sandra Craft said. She’s not kidding. The class lasts 45 minutes. The ladies said that salsa, swing and hip hop numbers are their favorites in Zumba, a work-out class inspired by Latin music and dance.

Craft and Rena Coleman also take part in aerobics and tai chi at the senior center twice a week, along with Zumba. “We’ve been here since the beginning, since the very first class,” they said. The class began with only five or six participants in April of last year but has since grown to upwards of 25.

These Friday Zumba classes are led by instructor Kim Knight and begin at 9 a.m. Classes are free to all Shelby County residents ages 55 and up. Those interested can also join in Wednesday Zumba classes in the fall for only $8 per month. Wednesday classes begin at 1 p.m. For more information, call the Heardmont Senior Center at 991-5742.


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