Local Biscuit Boys sauces and jellies back at Mt Laurel Farmers Market


Biscuit Boys

Biscuits Boys

A mom of three, Lori Reed has always been busy, but that didn’t stop her from sharing her love of canning and preserving with the community at the Mt Laurel Farmers Market. Her friends had urged her to find a way to sell her savory barbecue sauce and pepper jelly. When she heard about the market while teaching English at Childersburg High School, she decided to give the business a shot last summer.

“I didn’t start my booth until after the Fourth of July, but people really got excited over the sauces and jellies,” Reed said. “Everything is prepared fresh with all natural ingredients and no preservatives. I’d been researching the benefits of cooking that way for my family and found many customers were looking for the same thing.”

After starting with her barbecue sauce and pepper jelly, the Biscuit Boys line has grown to include her Mama Mia Marinara, Hot Tomato Relish, orange marmalade, triple berry jam, pear preserves and strawberry preserves. In addition, her barbecue sauces expanded to four types: Tangy Southern Sauce, Bold Grilling Sauce, Spicy Low-Carb Sauce and Honey Mustard Sauce. The honey for her honey mustard is a local product too, coming from a honey producer in Odenville.

“If you are into grilling and marinating, I have a variety to please anyone,” Reed said. “Every version is tested and retested to meet the approval of my kids and family.”

Her pepper jelly line offers a variety as well: Jalapeno Pepper Jelly, Banana Pepper Jelly and her special Cowhorn Pepper Jelly, which is made from cowhorn peppers from her mother-in-law’s garden. There are times when some food products are not available due to the growing season, but Reed spends the summer freezing, cooking and canning to keep up her stock.

“My family has been so supportive,” Reed said. “My daughters, Selena and Maddie, are up and ready to go with me to Mt Laurel on Saturdays. My husband, Mike, puts up with the long hours and late nights I spend in the kitchen.

Reed’s youngest child, 3-year-old Micah, is the business’ namesake. “We called him the biscuit boy when he was a baby due to his hearty appetite!” she said.
A love of canning and making jams and jellies has been passed down through the women in Reed’s family. “I have many memories of being in the kitchen, and now I’m able to share this with my family,” she said. “It brings us together and gives us something to all be involved in.”

Mt Laurel is hosting its farmers market on Saturdays this summer, June 4 through October 29, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Reed and her crew are planning to be there and hope to introduce a set of recipes for their products. Samples are always available for you to pick your favorites.

In addition to being at Mt Laurel, Reed offers a customizable gift basket selection that you can order directly through her. It’s a fitting gift for someone who would enjoy a delicious sampling of the South.  Contact Lori Reed at loriann607@aol.com or follow Biscuit Boys Sauces and Jellies on Facebook.


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