Painting from the Heart: Hanging Halo Paintings

By Kathryn Acree

Hanging Halo Paintings

Meadow Brook’s Sharon Allsbrook with some of her scripture paintings. Photo by Kathryn Acree.

Meadow Brook’s Sharon Allsbrook remembers the excitement of a new box of crayons, the big box that had a sharpener on the side. “I’ve always loved color, loved to paint,” Allsbrook said. “I try and find time to paint everyday.”

Her hobby took on a new life when asked by a friend to paint scripture paintings for her daughters’ rooms. Her first “client” was thrilled with Allsbrook’s work, and her daughter encouraged her to sell her paintings through the Etsy website. Hanging Halo scripture paintings were born.

Backed by her supportive and encouraging husband, Nink, and her enthusiastic kids, Kelley and Michael, Allsbrook signed up for her first show, the Briarwood Christmas Shop, in Nov. 2009. 2010 would prove to be an even busier year when Allsbrook committed to appearances at 10 to 12 local craft fairs.Her paintings, both colorful and inspirational in the bible verses they feature, can be for children’s rooms, kitchens or anywhere in the home. She has a collection of favorite verses she loves to paint, but special orders can be made as well. Her personal preference is to always include a scripture and keep that central in the artwork. Her most popular design is a row of colorful houses with the words, “As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.”

2011 will be a little more “quiet” for Allsbrook as she only plans booths at the Spring Dazzle arts and craft show April 1 and 2 and the Hollydazzle Show usually held in December.

“I believe the Lord has equipped us all with gifts and purpose that he thought of before we were even born,” Allsbrooks said. “He doesn’t need us, but lovingly gifts us and invites us to join Him in what He’s doing.”

Sharon Allsbrook’s Hanging Halo paintings are available at or on the Hanging Halo page on Facebook. Visit her at the Spring Dazzle Crafts Market starting April 1 at 9 am. The event is located at the old Linens ‘n Things location in River Ridge Shopping Center in front of Target on Hwy. 280. Proceeds of the entrance fee to this year’s event will benefit Hope for Gabe.


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