Briarwood Christian School’s Christmas Shop to Shine This Holiday Season


Briarwood Christian School’s Christmas Shop committe members pictured left to right: Susan Schaper, Beth Drennen, Jill Mallory, Beth Thomas, Brenda Gilbert, Becky Weeks, and Deana Chapman.

By Lauren Nix

All proceeds to benefit school

Once a small school event, the Briarwood Christian School Christmas Shop has grown into an annual tradition over the years.   This year’s two-day event will be held Thursday, Nov. 11 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday, Nov. 12 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Fellowship Hall at Briarwood Church located at 2200 Briarwood Way. About 90 tables will be set up containing items for sale by the various vendors.

“Some of our vendors buy two, even three tables, but we can usually accommodate 90 tables in our location,” said Deanna Chapman, chair of the shop.

Vendors at the event will be selling a variety of items, including jewelry, art, jams, jellies, stationary and kitchen ware, to name a few. Many of the items are hand-made and can easily be seen in person at the shop.

“A lot of our vendors sell their items online, so you’re not going to be able to see these items in stores,” Chapman said.

All proceeds from the shop go directly to Briarwood’s Parent Teacher Fellowship, which brings parents and teachers together to support educational programs at the school.

Chapman says they try to have the shop as diverse as possible with only a few vendors selling similar items.

“Out of 90 vendors, we’re not going to have 15 jewelry vendors,” she said.  “That’s for our customers’ benefit, and also our vendors’ benefit, because we want people to come and know that they will have variety.”

The vendors are also arranged in a way that allows customers to see different items at each section.  Chapman says she does not want people to miss great items because they look similar to the table beside them.

In previous years, there has been a central checkout location where customers pay for all their items at once.  This year, however, each vendor will take payment for their items, meaning that customers should have multiple forms of payment in case a vendor cannot take credit cards or checks.

Since Thursday, Nov. 11 is Veteran’s Day and many kids will be out of school, Chapman says there will be a children’s Christmas shop so younger shoppers can enjoy the event as well.  She also says it’s a great place for teenagers to shop.

“A lot of our vendors have items that are perfect for teenagers to buy for friends and family for Christmas,” Chapman said.

With all the vendors being in one easily accessible location with plenty of parking, Chapman says they really hope to reach out to those who are unable to shop in crowded malls.

The event is free to the public and tickets are given at the entrance for door prizes.

“All of our vendors are so generous to give door prizes, and what started out as hoping to be able to give a door prize away every hour, turned into giving a door prize every 15 minutes because we have that many items,” Chapman said.

You have to be present to win the door prize, however, because they do not take addresses or phone numbers with tickets.

“We also really strive to not be over-priced with our items because we want people to come and feel comfortable to buy and not be blown away by exorbitant prices,” Chapman said.

For children-friendly, unique holiday shopping, be sure to check out Briarwood Christian School’s Christmas Shop on Nov. 11 and 12.  For more information email Deana Chapman at or call her at 995-1430.


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