Beach or Ski for Spring Break

Sand, or Snow…What’s Your Latitude?

by Angela Frisinger

Amazing isn’t it…all the choices we have when it comes to travel? I would say that most of my clients prefer a European adventure or a relaxing Caribbean get-a-way, but here a few reasons why people choose sand over snow or vice versa.

In Alabama we all love the snow and long for a snowy winter. Well, this year I think we got a little taste of the winter wonderland. I know my children and I took to the yard to whip up a snowball or snowman…didn’t matter which …as long as it was made with the white stuff!

Since this is the year of the Census, I thought I’d do my own Travel Census, if you will. Apparently, your own personal LATTITUDE can define your ATTITUDE!

When asked WHY a client would pay a few thousand dollars to journey to the Caribbean beaches instead of staying home poolside, I quite often get these responses:

Beach Bunny #1 exclaims: “It’s been a cold winter, I’ve got cabin fever! But, it isn’t about why I choose the Caribbean, it’s more about just needing to get away from home for awhile. And, it might as well be somewhere I know I will have a good time!” Beach Bunny #1 sits on the beach for 2 days straight sipping a cool drink, taking naps under her hat on a hammock. The next day, she’ll take her girls out on a sailboat excursion where they’ll snorkel and then sail through the islands having a gourmet lunch fit for a Princess! They’ll marvel at how clear the water is… you can see for over 100’! The next day, they’ll get in a little island shopping, and enjoy a beachfront Lobster Bar-B-Q along with some steel pan drum music and a little dancing. They come home rested, refreshed, and a new perspective on their lives back here in Birmingham.

Beach Bunny #2 states: “We used to go to the beach in Destin every year and spend thousands and thousands. I never felt like I truly relaxed, and being so close to home gives my husband the excuse to check his messages every 5 minutes!” She says that when her husband is far enough away that his cell phone does not (easily) work, she has his attention and all that stress disappears from his face. They love to deep sea fish, snorkel, visit the rainforest, do a little island shopping, and he actually takes her dancing EVERY night!

Then there are my Snow Bunnies. Why are they headed north when it has been so bitterly cold here I ask.

‘Snowman Jake’ says: “Heck, we used to go to the beach too, but you can’t bank on the weather to be warm anymore.  Half the time it rains! At least if it rains in the mountains, it turns to snow! My boys’ hero is Shaun White and this is the only chance they get to take snowboard lessons. They love it and look forward to it now every year!”

Here are a few more Bunnymen comments after an awesomely planned trip to the mountains, if I do say so myself:

“Unlike the beach, you are on a mission every day… you never get bored.”

“The beach gets so crowded at times but it doesn’t matter how many people are on the slopes, we never feel like it is crowded…maybe because we walk everywhere. With the suburbs of Birmingham not being conducive to walking everywhere…it is nice to breathe in fresh cold air and walk to everything! By the end of each day, you are so tired from playing on the mountain all day, but there is something about that air that invigorates you! I couldn’t bear to sit on a beach all day ever again.”

The outcome to my census?

Well, regardless of whether your travels take you to the salty sands of the Caribbean or the refreshingly clean air of the slopes, all my clients seem to find a new attitude with just a little adjustment to their latitude.

About the author: Angela Frisinger of Greystone LOVES to hear your travel stories! Email them to her at


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